The idea for The Double D Brewery came to life on a trip to the Hunter Valley back in 2007. The two Dave’s had each been home brewing for over 20 years and were discussing beer on a trip to the wine region (to the disgust of their wives). They felt that they could brew a great beer and have the first all grain, full mash Microbrewery in the Sutherland Shire which is a 30 min drive south of Sydney N.S.W.

The two Dave’s now have 4 of their very own Craft Brewed All Grain Recipes that are available in fresh hopped wort packs for home brewers. “We package our beer prior to fermentation into returnable 15 litre containers. This pre fermented beer called wort (pronounced Wert) is then ready for fermenting and all you need do at home is add water and yeast then bottle or keg your brew once fermented.”

There has been a lot of work, time and research that has gone into building the gas fired 6 hectolitre Microbrewery and perfecting their very own Pale Ale, Pilsner, Barvarian Wheat and Amber Ale recipes. The boys personally brew and pack their product and are proud to say that they use filtered water and all natural ingredients with no preservatives. This isn't your average Home Brew, this is Pemium quality beer that you can brew at home.

“We love the fact that the craft brewing industry is growing in Australia, and we believe that the Sutherland Shire is the perfect place for our Microbrewery. Although at this stage we are only brewing for home brewers, we believe that our beers will hold their own against the best of craft brewed beers that Australian Microbrewers have to offer. "We have been fortunate to have many people assist and advise us such as Medal winning, Australian brewer Scott Morgan of the Rocks Brewing Company in Sydney. He and a host of people have given their time and expertise to assist us in our quest for premium quality beer that you can now brew at home.”

Currently, the boys of The Double D Brewery are working on a range of products to be made available to the home brewing public. "We now have available 4 of the most tasty and enjoyable beers that the home brew industry has to offer - don’t take our word for it, try one for yourself".  Please keep an eye out for up and coming products from The Double D Brewery or order our wort packs on line.


Dave and Dave       

                                                                                             Email: dave@thedoubledbrewery.com.au 


 The boys of The Double D Brewery recommend and encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol.